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Part 141 Approved


Advanced Aerodynamics and Stall/Spin Prevention

Our Part 141 approved Advanced Aerodynamics and Spin Recovery Course gives the student the ability to understand and apply the principals surrounding spins and advanced aerodynamic concepts to their everyday flying endeavors.  It’s a deep dive into the aerodynamic principals surrounding spins as well as several other subjects like angle-of-attack, stalls, equations of motion, and human factors.

This course is meant for those pilots seeking an advanced understanding of spins and related subjects with the purpose of increasing their overall flying skills, to become more aware of their aircraft’s behavior, and to the expand their technical knowledge. You'll receive your instruction in one of our Diamond DA-20's with a highly experienced instructor teaching you the ground and in-flight academics.

Additionally, this course satisfies the Part 61.183(i) requirement for a pilot seeking a FAA Certified Flight Instructor certificate.

Course Pricing: $500

Image by Thom Milkovic

For more information on our Advanced Aerodynamics and Spin Recovery training click here and one of our flight instructors will contact you to answer all of your questions.

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