Basic Aerobatic Training


Our Basic Aerobatics Course teaches a pilot the essential skills and knowledge required to maneuver and airplane into and out of the aerobatic flight envelope safely. Our cadre of ex-military fighter pilots, test pilots, and aerobatic pilots will take you through each step of the program in a manner that is easy to understand as you dive into topics like energy management, control forces, and aircraft limitations.

This course is designed with a crawl, walk, run progression of events that build pilot confidence with each maneuver and exercise. This is not a stunt flying course as every one of the maneuvers introduced have been proven and taught to prospective military and aerobatic pilots since the Golden Age of aviation.

Maneuvers in the course include:

- A review of stall and spin awareness

- Rolls including aileron, barrel and four-point rolls

- Cuban-eights

- Loops

- Wing overs

- Split-S

- Immelmans


Private Pilot Rating

Current BFR and Medical/BasicMed

100 hours of logged Total Time


Upset Prevention & Recovery Training

One of leading causes of aviation accidents is Loss of Control In-flight or LOC-I which is why Piston2Jet is committed to the fight against it. The diverse range of experience brought to you by our instructors will educate you on the concepts of Upset Prevention & Recovery and the associated discussion surrounding LOC-I.

Using our T-34 Mentor we are able to safely setup upset scenarios that you might face in the real world giving you the confidence to recognize the onset of LOC-I and to take corrective action.

Our Upset Prevention & Recovery Course includes the following topics and maneuvers:

- Loss of Control In-Flight

- Nose high and nose low recoveries

- Stall and spin awareness

- Contributing factors such as p-factor, torque, drag, and other aerodynamic principals

- Distraction and workload management

- Automation management and dependency


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