Start Your Training

There are six easy steps to begin a flight training program with us. Using the links below you'll be able to learn more about each step and don't worry, one of our staff will be able to walk you through the details of each.

Step 1: Schedule a Discovery Flight

A personalized introductory flying experience with one of our flight instructors that counts towards your training!

Step 2: Proof of US Citizenship or TSA Approval

In accordance with federal regulations we require proof of US citizenship or an approval from the Transportation Security Administration for non-US citizens to begin flight training.

Step 3: Acquire a FAA Medical Certificate

A routine physical to ensure that you are fit-for-flight by a FAA Medical Examiner.

Step 4: Apply for a Student Pilot Certificate

Begin your flying career by applying for your official Student Pilot Certificate online in IACRA.

Step 5: Acquire Renter's Insurance

Apply in a just a few minutes through the online portal.

Step 6: Schedule, Train, and Fly!

With access to our online scheduling portal you can now begin your flight training program.