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Getting Started

Become a

Piston2Jet Student

There are six easy steps to begin a flight training program with us. Using the links below you'll be able to learn more about each step and don't worry, one of our staff will be able to walk you through the details of each.

For those seeking to become a student pilot that do not currently have a FAA Pilot's License or for those with a FAA license seeking additional training, endorsements, or ratings.


Step 1: Request an Introductory Lesson and Consultation

A personalized introductory flying experience with one of our flight instructors that counts towards your training! We'll also answer your questions and concerns,

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Step 2: Chief Pilot Interview

The Chief Pilot interview helps us to determine your fit into our flight training philosophy as well as our fit to your individual needs. Every potential student has a different set of goals and this interview ensures that we can meet those goals in order to provide you with a seamless and worry-free flight training experience. Sometimes it is determined that we may not be the best fit for your goals and so we will recommend other flight training organizations that one, we trust, and two, that we feel can best accommodate your goals.

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Step 3: Proof of US Citizenship or TSA Approval

In accordance with federal regulations we require proof of US citizenship or an approval from the Transportation Security Administration for non-US citizens to begin flight training. Click View More below to learn more about non-US citizen requirements.

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Step 3: Acquire a FAA Medical Certificate

A routine physical to ensure that you are fit-for-flight by an approved FAA Medical Examiner. Not required to start raining but highly encouraged. Required before your first solo flight. Click below to find a FAA Medical Examiner near you.


Step 4: Apply for a Student Pilot Certificate

Begin your flying career by applying for your official Student Pilot Certificate online in IACRA. One of our flight instructors will guide you through this process.

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Step 5: Acquire Renter's Insurance

Apply in a just a few minutes through the online portal. Required for our students prior to solo flight and for our aircraft rental customers.


Step 6: Schedule, Train, and Fly!

With access to our online scheduling portal you can now begin your flight training program.

Become a

Piston2Jet Aircraft Rental Pilot

Are you a rated pilot? Are you looking for quality aircraft to fly? Look no further than this checklist to become a member of the P2J family.

For rated pilots interested in renting our aircraft for their own pleasure flying, time-building, or travel.

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Step 1: Schedule a Meeting with a P2J Instructor

A meeting with one of our flight instructors to verify your documentation including your license, medical, previous flying experience, and to discuss a plan for your aircraft checkout(s).


Step 2: Provide Proof of Renter's Insurance.

We require all rental customers to have a Renter's Insurance policy. During your initial meeting we will advise you of the coverage levels required based on the airplane(s) you wish to rent.


Step 3: Complete an Aircraft Checkout with a P2J CFI

A checkout is required for each aircraft you wish to rent. The checkout flights will include the standard maneuvers flown to the standard of which you are licensed. The number of flights required depends on your currency and proficiency.


Step 4: Begin Scheduling and Renting!

When the checkout process is complete you'll be free to schedule and fly our aircraft in accordance with our operating regulations which you will receive during your checkout process.

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