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Part 141 Approved

General Aviation Test Pilot Certificate Course

Part 141 Test Pilot Certificate Course

A totally unique and one-of-a-kind FAA Part 141 Certified Test Pilot Course, taught by an award winning graduate of the United States Navy Test Pilot School with three years of developmental test experience and a member of The Society of Experimental Test Pilots (SETP).

Learn quantitative and qualitative test pilot techniques for performance evaluation, longitudinal stability and lateral directional stability.

No calculus knowledge required! Mathematics topics will be presented as they support concepts that all pilots are familiar with.

All flight test techniques can be taught in any Piston2Jet aircraft and apply to all airplanes in general. Our fleet of single engine piston aircraft will be used.

Prospective students must hold a FAA Commercial Pilot Airplane license with Instrument Rating before starting the course.

Test Pilot Schedule 2021

10 Classes, 2 Students per Class


Class 2021-1 February 1-13

Class 2021-2 March 1-13

Class 2021-3 April 5-17

Class 2021-4 May 3-15

Class 2021-5 June 7-19

Class 2021-6 July 5-17

Class 2021-7 August 2-14

Class 2021-8 September 6-18

Class 2021-9 October 4-16

Class 2021-10 November 1-13

Course Cost - $9,950

10% Deposit Required During Online Registration

Two Week Academic Course

Min. 15 Hours of Flight

Min. 20 Hours of Ground Academics

10 Unique Flight Lesson Profiles

Learn test pilot responsibilities, the test planning process along with risk assessment and the importance of test team interaction.

Gain greater in depth knowledge of performance calculations of light General Aviation aircraft as they exist in the aircraft Pilot Operating Handbook.

About the Instructor

Colonel Doug "Smash" Yurovich, PhD

USMC Retired

"Smash" Yurovich is an accomplished aviation extraordinaire with a diverse background in the military and general aviation industries. A graduate of the United States Naval Test Pilot School at NAS Patuxent River, he was also a TOPGUN Grad, Weapons and Tactics Instructor (WTI) a Marine F/A-18 Squadron Commander and the Marine Carrier Air Wing Commander. He has over 5,000 hours of flight time and 500+ carrier landings.

He is also the inaugural winner of the Captain Steven A. Hazelrigg Memorial Award at the Strike Aircraft Test Directorate. This award is given to those whose qualities of professionalism, leadership and team spirit best commemorate the levels of positive leadership, professional achievement and selfless devotion to duty, which Captain Hazelrigg possessed.


Upcoming Classes

  • Test Pilot Class 2021-1 / Feb 1-13, 2021
  • Test Pilot Class 2021-2 / Mar 1-13, 2021
  • Test Pilot Class 2021-3 / Apr 5-17, 2021
  • Test Pilot Class 2021-4 / May 3-15, 2021
  • Test Pilot Class 2021-5 / June 7-19, 2021
  • Test Pilot Class 2021-6 / July 5-17, 2021
  • Test Pilot Class 2021-7 / Aug 2-14, 2021
  • Test Pilot Class 2021-8 / Sep 6-18, 2021
  • Test Pilot Class 2021-9 / Oct 4-16, 2021
  • Test Pilot Class 2021-10 / Nov 1-13, 2021

​Prospective students must hold a FAA Commercial Pilot Airplane license with Instrument Rating before starting the course.

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