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Right Seater "Pinch Hitter" Training

Completing a full pilot training course may not always be what is necessary especially if you're only planning on riding along with your pilot friends and family. The Piston2Jet Pinch Hitter course will give you the necessary skills to assist the pilot with basic tasks such as reading maps, talking on the radio, and manipulating a GPS.

The Pinch Hitter course could be especially beneficial to aspiring pilots that are too young to start formal training, spouses of aircraft owners and pilots, or anyone who finds themselves in the cockpit of a general aviation airplane on a regular basis.

Subjects to be covered include:

- checklist useage

- radio communication

- basic aircraft handling

- using an aviation GPS system

- aviation emergencies and survival equipment

We'll make you your very own custom "Right Seat" checklist for use as a passenger that is active in assisting your pilots!

This course can be completed in one of our airplanes or your own! Pricing for using our airplanes is $1,500 or $650 for training in your airplane.

For more information on our Pinch Hitter training click here and one of our flight instructors will contact you to answer all of your questions.

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