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The Private Rating

Imagine waking up with the sun on a Saturday morning, checking the weather, filing your flight plans and heading to the airport. You pull up in front of the hangar, pre-flight the airplane and in a few minutes you're on your way to lunch at a beachside restaurant. After your meal you're back at the airport to fly home in time to catch dinner and a movie with your friends. This is one of many scenarios you could experience as a Private Pilot. You'll have the freedom to fly when and where you want without baggage lines and pat downs, to own your own airplane, to travel for your business with ease and above all you'll have a license to break the surly bonds of Earth.

Acquiring your Private Pilot Rating, known universally as a PPL or Private Pilot's License, is the basis for which most pilots begin their training towards more advanced ratings. It gives you the ability to fly most general aviation airplanes for fun, for charity, and in some cases for business. When you get your PPL you begin to log Pilot-In-Command (PIC ) time that is required to move on to further ratings.

Most pilots will move right into their Instrument training, not long after being awarded the Private Rating, if they are pursuing aviation as a career and working toward the 250 hour requirement for their Commercial Rating.

For more information on our Private Pilot training click here and one of our flight instructors will contact you to answer all of your questions.

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