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The P2J Promise

The flight training industry is moving faster than ever. At Piston2Jet Flight Training we strive to remain on the cutting edge of what's possible while preserving the time tested techniques developed by the aviators of the past. Come fly with us!

What We Can Do

Primary Flight

From Private Pilot to ATP, and a plethora of endorsements in between, we can assist you with your flight training goals.

Highly Experienced

Our staff has been in the industry for decades which allows us to give you industry insights and instruction that is second to none.

Advanced Flight

Learn the finer points of flying with our selection of advanced training courses. 

Aviation Career

Let us help you formulate a plan for your successe in the aviation industry.


I had an amazing experience getting my PPL at Piston2Jet. Everyone there was professional and friendly, and took my training as seriously as I did. They were up front from the beginning, and helped me understand from the start what it would take and what to expect. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in learning to fly!

Eric S.

Highly recommend without reservation. The ever professional crew at P2J were instrumental in allowing me to earn my multi-engine add on without ever feeling like I was training for the test or cutting corners. Mike and Doug (Smash) provided world class instruction in the aircraft and detailed feedback throughout the process ensuring that the next lesson truly built on the previous and focused on those areas needing improvement. Claire and Julian also contributed their knowledge and insights as we studied toward our ME ratings. Even Sierra and Jack at the front desk made sure the overall experience was both friendly and professional.
The love for aviation is clear across the organization and their enthusiasm is contagious.

Jonathan E.

I completed the Part 141 Test Pilot program. The course was challenging but very accessible. While there was obviously a lot of physics, you don't really need to know more than basic algebra. You will want to have above average stick and rudder skills, but I think that goes without saying. Doug (the instructor) has an impressive amount of real world experience and he does a wonderful job of converting it into practical insights. If you're going to test fly piston powered aircraft (including EAB aircraft), you'd be wise to take this course!!!

Robert M.

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  • Do you offer introductory or discovery flight lessons?
    Yes! We offer introductory flight lessons for anyone that's interested in pursuing flight training, a career in aviation, is an aviation enthusiast, or someone just looking for a great way to spend an afternoon!
  • What kinds of flight training do you offer?
    Piston2Jet offers flight training programs of all shapes and sizes and we cover the typical courses like Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot, Multi Engine, Spin Awareness, ATP (Airline Transport Pilot), and the various Flight Instructor Certificates. A complete listing of all of out training courses is available on our Flight Training page.
  • What's your instructor staff like? Are they experienced?
    At Piston2Jet we aim to provide the best flight training experience possible. We can do this by providing the most experienced instructor staff in the region who, collectively, have a vast experience base from careers in military aviation, corporate aviation, and the airlines.
  • Can we visit your flight school before making a decision on where to train?
    Yes! We encourage everyone seeking information on flight training to do as much research as possible which includes visiting ALL of the flight schools in your local area.
  • How much does flight training cost?
    The cost will vary upon the type of training you're doing, the airplane being used, and your commitment to the effort. A Private Pilot license can cost between $10,000 and $15,000 overall, sometimes more, and take anywhere between three months to a year to complete. The more often you train, the harder you study, and the more time you commit to the effort the less you'll spend and the less time it will take overall. We do our best to provide a training environment that fosters productivity, efficiency, and safety in order to bring the best value to your experience with us.
  • What materials, books and study aids do you use?
    Piston2Jet uses the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) textbooks that are available free to anyone. We do not believe in requiring our students to purchase expensive textbooks and materials sets that are only relevant to one or two training programs. FAA texts are always updated and available for download HERE. Your instructor will advise you of which texts to download when you begin your training program.
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