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A Personalized Flight Training Experience

Pilot Certification Courses

Private Pilot

The quintessential first step in becoming a pilot for recreation, business or a career in the cockpit.

Instrument Rating

Fly in a diverse range of weather conditions using the aircraft's equipment like a pro.

Commercial Pilot

Get a job flying people, goods and delivering them to where they need to go safely and efficiently.

Airline Transport Pilot

The highest level of airman certification. Allows you to fly for the biggest and best aviation companies in the world.

Flight Instructor Ratings

Teach the next generation of pilots the art of aviating, navigating and communicating.


Multiengine Training

Master the art of managing complex systems and the advanced aerodynamic phenomena of a multiengine airplane.


Additional Training Courses

Aspiring Military
Pinch Hitter

Advanced Pilot Training

Advanced training opportunities for those seeking additional skills and experience in aerobatics, Upset Prevention & Recovery, advanced aircraft handing, jet transition and more.


Right Seat "Pinch Hitter" Course

You'll learn about talking on the radio, takeoffs and landings, and how to assist the pilot while you enjoy the ride from right seat.


Mentorship for Aspiring Military Pilots

From branch specific questions to educational advising you'll get training from current and ex-military pilots that have been in your shoes and can get you where you want to be.


Spin Training

Learn the in's and out's of spin entry, recovery, and the aerodynamic principals surround spins and upsets. Satisfies the Part 61 requirements for the CFI Spin Endorsement.


Frequently Asked Questions


What's your instructor staff like? Are they experienced? - At Piston2Jet we aim to provide the best flight training experience possible. We can do this by providing the most experienced instructor staff in the region who, collectively, have a vast experience base from careers in military aviation, corporate aviation, and the airlines.


Who maintains and inspects your aircraft? - Our aircraft are maintained in-house by on-staff maintenance personnel and they're assisted by a trusted local maintenance operation. Having on-staff maintenance gives us an elevated level of quality control that you just can't get when you farm out all maintenance to third party vendors.

What types of flight training do you offer? - We provide flight training to those seeking a private pilot's license all the way up to providing advanced and technical flight training to aviation organizations and professionals.

Can we visit your flight school before making a decision on where to train? - Yes! We encourage everyone seeking information on flight training to do as much research as possible which includes visiting all of the flight schools in your local area.

How do I become a military pilot? Do you offer mentorship and training to become more competitive for a pilot training slot? - There are several ways to become a military pilot each with their own challenges and hurdles to overcome. Piston2Jet's cadre of current and former military pilots can provide flight training and advising to help you reach your goals.

Do you offer introductory flight lessons? - Yes! We offer introductory flight lessons for those in the research phase of starting flight training as well as to those who want to try something new. Introductory flight lessons make great gifts!

How much does flight training cost? - The cost will vary upon the type of training you're doing, the airplane being used, and your commitment to the effort. A private pilot's license can cost between $9,000 and $15,000 overall and take anywhere between three months to a year to complete. The more often you train, the harder you study, and the more time you commit to the effort the less you'll spend and the less time it will take overall. One of the largest factors is the hourly rental of the airplane used for your training.

Do you offer prepaid training packages? - No. We do not. Unless you're going to attend a large aviation university, a prepaid training package will only provide you with false hope of achieving your desired rating during the time and flight hours allotted by the program. Most of the time you'll find yourself needing to buy more flight hours or training to finish your training even after purchasing a prepaid package. At P2J we only provide training for ratings by-the-hour so you only pay for what you need, guaranteed. No flight school can guarantee an "out the door" training cost for any level of training towards a rating/license.

How much does flight training cost at Piston2Jet? - We can't give you an exact number because every student learns at a different rate. Typically a Private Pilot's license will cost between $9,000 and $15,000 and take between three and twelve months to complete based on the student's commitment, availability, and their chosen training aircraft. Most private students take their checkride around the 50 hour mark (based on a national average).

For Instrument Rating you can expect another 35 to 50 hours of instruction totaling about the same as a Private Pilot License ($9,000-$15,000), three to twelve months of time commitment, and will vary in price based on the chosen aircraft.

For a Commercial Pilot's License (single engine) you'll need at least 250 hours of flight time to take your checkride so starting commercial training around the 200 hours total time mark is advised. Starting from 200 to 220 hours will cost approximately $5,000 to $10,000, again depending on the student's availability, commitment, and chosen aircraft.

A Multi-Engine Addon to a Commercial or Private License does not have a set time requirement per Part 61 but students typically log 10 hours of dual on average before taking their checkride. The average amount spent ranges from $3,500 to $5,500, takes between one and three months to complete, and depends on the student's availability and commitment.

What other services does Piston2Jet provide in the flight training market? - In addition to primary through advanced flight training we also host free aviation career seminars annually, conduct educational topic seminars, provide career guidance and counseling to schools and universities, provide government aviation services, and host unique flight training opportunities.

What materials, books and study aids do you use? - Piston2Jet uses the (FAA) Federal Aviation Administration textbooks that are available free to anyone. We do not believe in requiring our students to purchase expensive textbooks and materials sets that are only relevant to one or two training programs. FAA texts are always updated and available for download HERE. Your instructor will advise you of which texts to download when you begin your training program.

What equipment/materials do you recommend? - Having the right equipment will make your training experience much smoother and more efficient. Below is our recommended equipment list.

Core Equipment:

Kneeboard - Flyboys (

Logbook - Paper ( or Digital - Foreflight (

Flight Bag - Flyboys ( or Flight Outfitters (

Also Recommended:

- A good pair of sunglasses, a hat, light jacket, quality pens (Zebra pens), gloves (flight gloves), comfortable shoes, flashlight/headlamp with white and red settings (, notebook, E6B flight computer (physical or app based).

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