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Flight Training Programs

Primary Flight Training

Private Pilot

Acquiring your Private Pilot Rating, known universally as a PPL or Private Pilot's License, is the basis for which most pilots begin their training towards more advanced ratings. It gives you the ability to fly most general aviation airplanes for fun, for charity, and in some cases for business. When you get your PPL you begin to log Pilot-In-Command (PIC ) time that is required to move on to further ratings.

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Instrument Rating

As a necessary step in becoming a professional pilot, the instrument rating is as challenging as it is rewarding. To know that you can get in and out of airports that many other pilots can't is great peace of mind when flying to new and unfamiliar destinations.

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Commercial Pilot

During commercial training you'll learn the in's and out's of your aircraft's systems, take a more in-depth look at flight planning and learn all about the rules that commercial pilots must adhere to in the Federal Aviation Regulations. Best of all, you'll be eligible to be paid as a pilot!


Instructor Ratings

Becoming a flight instructor means that you'll have a hand in training the next generation of aviators. Having an instructor certificate is highly desirable in a hiring environment and usually means that you'll be a more competitive candidate for a given flying job. P2J offers flight training for the CFI, CFII, and MEI certificates.

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Airline Transport Pilot

The ATP is the highest level of certification that the FAA awards a pilot. Piston2Jet is ready to provide the preparatory training for your ATP check ride by providing expert instruction by senior instructors who've "been there and done that".


Multi Engine Training
Coming Soon

When you think of an aircraft operated by a major aviation company you'll often think of aircraft that have more than one engine! Getting your multi engine rating enables you to step forward towards faster, more complex multi engine aircraft. It is an essential step in becoming a professional pilot. Multiple engines provide many benefits including enhanced redundancy, greater speed, higher payload, and a larger fuel capacity.

Advanced Training Programs

Advanced Flight Training
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Test Pilot Training

Learn quantitative and qualitative test pilot techniques for performance evaluation, longitudinal stability and lateral directional stability. Take a deep dive into designing a flight test program for a newly constructed homebuilt or even a recently restored warbird. This Part 141 approved Test Pilot course gives you the basic knowledge to understand what goes in to flight test, the concepts surrounding validation of performance and stability data, and even includes advanced aerodynamic principles.


Advanced Aerodynamics
Stall/Spin Prevention
and Recovery

Our Part 141 approved Advanced Aerodynamics and Stall/Spin Recovery Course gives the student the ability to understand and apply the principles surrounding spins and advanced aerodynamic concepts to their everyday flying.  It’s a deep dive into the aerodynamic principles surrounding spins as well as several other subjects like angle-of-attack, stalls, equations of motion, and human factors.


Marchetti S-211
Jet Training

As a friend in the industry, we are pleased to introduce Victory Flight Training and their Marchetti S-211 flight training programs to our clientele. They provide initial training, recurrent training, jet UPRT courses, and more! They are located in the Dallas, Texas metropolitan area.

"We all have our time machines, don't we. Those that take us back are memories... those that carry us forward are dreams."

HG Wells

Endorsements and Other Courses

Endorsements and Other
Image by Sergei A

Complex Endorsement

Using one of our complex aircraft, P2J can train and equip you to take command of sleeker, faster, and more "complex" aircraft with retractable landing gear, constant speed propellers, and variable position flaps.


Garmin G1000
Familiarization Course

This course is highly recommended and designed for those pilots that are seeking to transition into a G1000 equipped aircraft or to other aircraft with advanced avionics systems. The G1000 course is comprised of three ground sessions and two flights that can be performed in our G1000 equipped DA-40 or our GTX Diamond AATD simulator.

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Right Seat
Pinch Hitter Course

You'll learn about talking on the radio, takeoffs and landings, and how to assist the pilot while you enjoy the ride from right seat. Designed for those who find themselves in the right seat of a general aviation airplane fairly often and are desiring to know how to become part of the crew.

Aviation Career Advisement and Counseling

Career Counseling
Image by Isaac Mehegan

Career Advisement For No Matter What Your Goals Are

Piston2Jet has amassed a large network of industry professionals that work to help the next generation of aviators make informed decisions, formulate plans of action, and decide on what's next in their flying endeavors. Whether or not you'd like to become a military pilot, an airline pilot, or even work in law enforcement as a pilot, we can put you in front of the experts that can advise you, answer questions, and guide your career path to new heights.

We are also glad to assist local and regional educational organizations, institutions, and school systems with educator and student seminars on all topic within the aviation industry. Our career counseling services are FREE to students and educators.

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