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"Going Gainesville" Goes Flying with Piston2Jet!

The gals from the ever popular and quickly growing things-to-do website Going Gainesville came to visit us at Piston2Jet a few weeks ago! They were able to take a flight with our Chief Pilot Hilts in one of our Diamond DA-40's around the pattern at our home base of Manassas Regional Airport.

From the Going Gainesville website:

"Going Gainesville is a news outlet designed to showcase fun things to do and information on, Western Prince William County and surrounding areas within a 20-mile radius of Gainesville, VA. We want to take you with us on a journey to explore all this area has to offer from date nights to family-friendly events.

Not only is this area steeped in history as tourists flock to the Manassas National Battlefields, but there are many modern amenities to enjoy such as concerts at Jiffy Lube Live or exploring Farm Brew Live, Northern Virginia’s first destination brewery campus. Come with us to these destinations by watching the videos we create to draw you in to be part of the experience with us as we taste delectable offerings at local eateries, quench our thirst at a myriad of wineries and join in on all the community events.

About Lesley Salman

Lesley has lived in the Gainesville area for nearly 20 years with her three children. She loves it here and wants to make sure everyone else has the opportunity to know about and enjoy all the community has to offer through the use of videography.

She has owned a local Real Estate Brokerage called Salman Home Realty since 2004 as well as Premiere Property Management since 2017. She is an avid foodie and loves to explore local wineries, breweries and distilleries.

If you are looking to buy or sell a home, there is no one better to work with than Lesley. As a seller, she will use her creativity to market your home in the best light possible to get you top dollar. As a buyer, she will share her extensive local knowledge to find the perfect area for you and your family to purchase your home."


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