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Introducing Piston2Jet's Part 141 Garmin G1000 Course

At Piston2Jet we are always working to increase our course offerings and our brand new Garmin G1000 course is an example of how we're doing it! This Part 141 approved course provides an introduction to the Garmin G1000 with many concepts discussed being directly applicable to other glass cockpits and advanced avionics suites found in many general aviation aircraft.

With the option to use our Precision Flight Controls Diamond GTX G1000 advanced aviation training device (AATD) or our G1000 equipped Diamond DA-40, the student has the ability to choose the best platform to meet their learning goals. The lessons are broken into ground and flight (or simulator flight) lessons that first introduce basic operating procedures and build upon those basics with each following lesson. At the end of this course the student should be ready and capable to demonstrate sufficient knowledge to pass an Oral Examination and successfully use the system in their day-to-day flying whether it is during VFR operations or in the IFR system.

For more information about this course visit our Flight Training Services menu on this website, and to talk with one of our flight instructors click click the Contact us link on our homepage!

- Dusty

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