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P2J Chief Pilot Mike on The Afterburn Podcast

It seemed like only a few days ago that we were pointing everyone over to The Afterburn Podcast to listen to Rain interview Assistant Chief Pilot, Smash (link here). Well, we're back again on the podcast this time with Mike Hilton in the hot seat. Seeing that Rain and Hilts are both Viper drivers there are obviously going to be a lot of similarities in their careers however, Hilts was flying Vipers in the Cold War era making the adversary, the tactics, and the experiences just a little different.. Did we mention a dark and mysterious black jet is mentioned a few times?

Sit back and relax with your dog and your favorite single malt to have a listen!

"Rain" Waters (@rainwaters27). Rain is well known around the aviation world for being a recent Air Combat Command Viper Demonstration Team commander and pilot flying the venerable F-16 Fighting Falcon (or as we like to call it, the Viper) as well as an aviation social media sensation with followers from around the world. Recently separating from the active duty Air Force, Rain now flies for a major airline and is part of the Air Force Reserve in a non-flying capacity. When he's not spending time at his "real" jobs or being a father to his son "Mist" he's the host of The Afterburn Podcast interviewing other pilots and aviation celebrities from all walks of life.

You can listen to this podcast for free on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Amazon! After you listen give it a share on your choice of social media platforms and don't forget to tag The Afterburn Podcast and Piston2Jet!


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