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John "Rain" Waters from The Afterburn Podcast Interviews Our Own "Smash" Yurovich

If you're an aviation aficionado with at least one social media account then chances are pretty high that you've seen some sort of content posted by, or reposted by someone else, of US Air Force Major "Rain" Waters (@rainwaters27). Rain is well know around the aviation world for being a recent Air Combat Command Viper Demonstration Team commander and pilot flying the venerable F-16 Fighting Falcon (or as we like to call it, the Viper) as well as an aviation social media sensation with followers from around the world. Recently separating from the active duty Air Force, Rain now flies for a major airline and is part of the Air Force Reserve in a non-flying capacity. When he's not spending time at his "real" jobs or being a father to his son "Mist" he's the host of The Afterburn Podcast interviewing other pilots and aviation celebrities from all walks of life.

We had the chance to be interviewed by Rain and naturally jumped at the opportunity! The first P2J'er in the hot seat is our very own "Smash" Yurovich telling the tales of what it's like to be fighter pilot in the US Marine Corps, a test pilot, he's also discussing an ejection experience in a portion of the envelope that few have been able to walk away from. You can listen to this podcast for free on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Amazon! After you listen give it a share on your choice of social media platforms and don't forget to tag The Afterburn Podcast and Piston2Jet!


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